Coaching Testimonials


I’ve worked with Glenn for several months. He is a gentle, firm coach who has helped guide me to be more thoughtful and deliberate in my role as a leader in my organization. He gives concrete suggestions for behavior change, and also helps me to see situations from different perspectives. As a white person in an organization that strives to be authentically multicultural, the coaching from Glenn has given me a strong space in which to explore privilege, examine the deep and multi-faceted ways that racism works to weaken me, and to consider how to effect change within myself and within our organization.


 I came to Glenn for life coaching hoping to get more sleep, eat healthier, and clear out clutter. I made significant progress on these goals, but more importantly, I learned a process for figuring out and focusing on what's important to me, and strategies to accomplish my goals, whatever they might be.


Glenn's coaching helped me break my identified goals into tangible and achievable next steps, and his diligent and clear documentation of our process held me accountable to them. Better still, Glenn saw something - deeper, unarticulated or unconscious goals and roadblocks - and pushed me to uncover them in a direct but gentle way.  


Glenn was a good listener, expressed compassion for my challenges with organizing information, and offered some useful practices and tools.


My experience with Glenn was incredibly valuable for the depth of the conversation with him. Glenn asked powerful questions that made me think; in fact, many topics I brought to him were not the actual root-topic, but there was some real digging to do. Glenn helped me tremendously with that. His ability to listen to me was unparalleled and gave me some safe space to reflect.